New Year’s Affirmations

New Year’s Affirmations
Posted By :Elena Difiore
Posted At : Monday, Dec 27, 2010

Before you start mapping out all of the miraculous changes you’re going to make in 2011, put your pen down and reconsider your resolutions. Another year has come and gone and another set of resolutions has fallen by the wayside, most didn’t even survive past January. But without fail, we find ourselves vowing once again to lose that extra 15 pounds, kick that nasty smoking habit to the curb, and no longer waste money on unnecessary items–only to feel shame and remorse when we fail to live up to our own expectations. This year, consider a different approach. Instead of New Year’s resolutions, it’s time to create your New Year’s affirmations.
Affirmations are positive statements you construct and repeat to yourself on a daily basis to combat the negative forces and habits in your life. Instead of swearing you’ll drop 20 pounds by swimsuit season, try approaching your goal through the use of affirmations such as “My body is getting stronger and healthier every day,” or “I am on the road to a healthier me.” Repeating positive statements and thoughts such as these serve to keep you on the path to your goal and help to negate the negative thoughts and feelings many of us experience while trying to lose weight.

Looking to save money in 2011? Unlike resolutions, which end up leaving you frustrated and upset when you don’t achieve them, affirmations help reinforce positive thoughts and feelings about yourself and your actions with money. Failing at a resolution will only leave you feeling like a disappointment and could even lead to more emotional spending to combat those negative emotions, which just leaves you more in debt than before. Instead of swearing to stick to a strict budget and watch every penny you spend, try creating some positive affirmations to encourage you to become a master of your finances. Some examples could include: “I am great at managing my money,” or “I am a money magnet.”

These are just a few examples of affirmations for 2011. Forget the ridiculous, far-reaching resolutions and opt for a positive punch of reinforcement instead. Happy New Year!

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