Healthy Buys for Under a Buck

Healthy Buys for Under a Buck
Posted By :Elena Difiore
Posted At : Thursday, Jan 06, 2011

Hopefully you’ve listened to our cautionary words against making New Year’s resolutions. However, even if you’ve opted for the more realistic option of creating New Year’s affirmations, losing weight might still be high on your priority list for 2011. Trying to lead a healthier lifestyle is a commendable aspiration. Here at Unlock Your Wealth Radio, we’ve found some great food choices for the new you-and they’re al l under $1! These foods are sure to trim your waistline without wiping out your wallet in the process.


Many people complain that fruit can be expensive. However, there are several types of fruit that can be quite affordable. Fruits such as apples, bananas, cantaloupe, grapes, mangos, and watermelon can all be found at some point throughout the year for under $1 a pound. The trick to purchasing fresh fruits without breaking the bank is to stay on top of current produce prices. Check your weekly grocery mailer for any specials or sales as well as to compare prices between your various local markets. Farmer’s markets are also a great option that can prove to be very cost efficient while also providing the opportunity to invest in your local community.


Vegetables fall into a similar category as fruits. Foods such as beans, broccoli, carrots, celery, cucumbers, cabbage, potatoes, and yams are all nutritionally-sound choices. Once again, the amount you spend on these items will reflect how keenly you follow the current produce prices and sales in weekly grocery ads.

Stock up and Save

Another great way to save while eating healthy is to strike while the iron is hot. Many times throughout the year stores will have specials on items like pasta. When you see items like this drop in price-sometimes even to $0.89/lb-make sure to stock up. Foods like pasta, beans, rice, and even peanut butter are perfect for buying in bulk because they have a variety of uses as well as very long shelf lives.

Many people like to gripe and complain about eating healthy-arguing that it’s too much of a hassle and too expensive to afford. Now, with these affordable and healthy suggestions, you’ve got one less excuse standing between your current self and the future healthier, happier you.

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