Broken Hearts, Wallets, and No Seasonal Exceptions Starring Heather Wagenhals

Keys to Riches Powered by Unlock Your Wealth Radio and No Seasonal Exceptions

Long-term financial health and wellness cannot be achieved by going into debt for gifts.

You finally got your financial act together only to have a holiday or special occasion derail you. You are not the first to do this though you can be the next to put a stop to cyclical debting with advice from  personal finance expert, Heather Wagenhals and the Maestro of Moohlah Michael Terry on today’s Episode of the Keys to Riches Powered by Unlock Your Wealth Radio.

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Key Statement:

If I allow seasonal events and special occasions disrupt my savings and spending plan I will never be able to build true wealth. To become truly successful managing money, I must be more mindful during holidays and on special occasions because going overboard serves no one, not me nor my loved ones.

Key Affirmation:

I am a gracious recipient and considerate giver.

Key Commitment:

I commit to using Heather’s “Card Up” Assessment formula when determining appropriate gift giving.

Key Action Item:

When giving gifts or remembering or commemorating someone’s special occasion, begin with a card and work from there. For annual events and celebrations, sit down and create a plan for saving with your discretionary funds. It is easier and requires less intrusion with your daily dollars when you give yourself 364 days to carry out a sizable savings goal.

These are just some examples of things you can expect and work into your plans.  Be creative with your strategy so you can achieve financial independence AND still enjoy the fruits of your labors today.

Tune in every week as Heather Wagenhals, host of Unlock Your Wealth Radio, reveals this week’s Key, along with our Key of the Week, Moolah Word of the Day, Money Drama & more!

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