Why Budgets are Bad Keys to Riches Starring Heather Wagenhals

Keys To Riches Starring Heather Wagenhals and Better Budgeting

Budgets, dieting, and any program that focuses on sacrifice alone can never be successful.


Listen to Heather Wagenhals host of the Keys to Riches© powered by Unlock Your Wealth Radio and she shares her views on this Seventh Key in the  Keys to Riches© financial philosophy: Break the Budget.

In this key, Heather will complete the process of assessment from the Second Key and share her biology-based approach to successful money management by throwing out traditional budgeting tools and showing you how to create a successful savings and spending plan instead.


Key Statement:

I now know that budgets are unproductive because they are based on loss and focus on deprivation. To achieve true financial freedom, I must create and stick to a realistic healthy savings and spending plan.

Key Affirmation:

I am creating and maintaining a healthy savings and spending plan.

Key Commitment:

I commit to creating a healthy savings and spending plan that positively benefits me and my family.

Key Action Item:

Tune in to learn what you need to create your own healthy savings and spending plan.

Be creative with your strategy to achieve financial freedom for the future AND still enjoy the fruits of your labors today.

Tune in every week as Heather Wagenhals, host of Unlock Your Wealth Radio, reveals this week’s Key, along with our Key of the Week, Moolah Word of the Day, Money Drama & more!

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