Be on the Keys to Riches© Radio Show with Heather Wagenhals

Are you tired of dealing with the same money problems?

Ever wonder why they keep happening? The vicious cycle perpetuates itself even though you “know better”?

Do you:

  • chronically pay bills late?
  • Have the same fights with your significant other or children over money?
  • Make purchases you only later regret?
  • Justify shopping because of “sales” or “coupons”?

If you want an answer for the things you do with money that don’t make sense, Ask Heather and be on the Keys to Riches© Radio Show!

One of our featured segments is called Money Dramas™. In this segment Heather takes your submitted money challenges and helps identify what might be driving the recurring problem and helps you solve it ON AIR. You can remain anonymous. If your Money Drama™ is selected you will receive a personal copy of the show emailed to the email address you provide the day the show airs.

Fill out the form below. Due to the volume of submissions, we cannot send a personal confirmation that your Money Drama™ was reviewed though you will be contacted if it is accepted for feature on the program. If you feel your Money Drama™ is soo good and you think it might have been overlooked, feel free to submit another one.Also, if you have more than one you would like featured, send them in separate submissions.

Thanks! We look forward to hearing from you.

The KTR Staff