Holiday Savings Tips

Holiday Savings Tips
Posted By :Unlock Your Wealth Staff
Posted At : Monday, Dec 13, 2010

Make it a potluck. You don’t have to break your budget to have a little fun. Host a party and have everyone bring something yummy!
Rather than give back by donating a dollar at every grocery store — re-gift something you received that you know you’ll never use.

Instead of buying a $10 white elephant gift — wrap up one of your best recipes. It’s free and the lucky recipient will be grateful they don’t open another holiday decoration.

Invest in LED holiday lights. While a little spendy upfront — you’ll save a bundle year after year on your energy bill. AND they last forever!

Buy your wrapping paper and decorations the day after Christmas and put the savings into next year’s Christmas fund.

While a card in the mail may be more personal — a friendly seasonal email is more practical. Save on postage and send your season’s greetings via internet this year.

Have a big family? Organize a Secret Santa — you’ll save money and time by purchasing one gift as opposed to ten and your gift will be more thoughtful. Bonus!

The last thing grandparents need is more stuff. Instead give them the gift of time with you. Plan a day/evening to watch a movie, window shop, or make dinner.

Gift cards are a trap. Don’t buy them and re-gift the one’s you receive. Stores make a bundle on the shoppers that leave just a few pennies on a card and you’ll spend MORE than you planned trying to max it out. It’s a lose-lose for consumers.

In lieu of a family present — start a new tradition for Christmas day such as making a snowman, going Christmas caroling, watching a Christmas movie, baking…

If you receive something unexpected, etiquette says to say thank you and send a card not run to the store to buy something of equal or greater value.

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