Give Thanks for What You Have

Give Thanks for What You Have
Posted By :Lindsey Kupfer
Posted At : Monday, Nov 15, 2010

The holiday season seems to come earlier each year. Stores have already decorated for Christmas, and Hanukkah is only a few weeks away. With all the holiday shopping stress coming on earlier, it’s important to relax, take a breath, and give thanks for what you have.
Thanksgiving is almost here and even if you can’t afford to travel, you should remember to be thankful for all the things you do have. Although the economy is still low, try to stay positive and upbeat for all the festivities next week.

Like Heather Wagenhals always says, when you use words like “can’t” or “don’t,” your brain will only respond to the negative aspect instead of the positive.

People are always chasing things that they want. For example, when you finally get that new cell phone you have been wanting and less than a week later there is a better version. You suddenly lose interest in what you have and start talking about how much you “want” the new version instead of the outdated one. As humans we want the best possible things we can get and the idea of “wanting” something new never leaves our minds.

The origin of the word “want” stems from the word “wane,” which actually means “to wither or become smaller.” By using the word “want” more often, you are basically making your chances of getting what you want smaller too without even realizing it. Replace the negative “want” with the positive verb, “desire.”

This Thanksgiving enjoy the company of loved ones and focus on the positive. Talk about good things going on in your life at the moment instead of what you don’t have or things you need to get done. Take a moment to breathe or the stress in your life will only get worse.

Take the time to thank all the people that listen to you when you are down and thank your friends and family for being there emotionally even if you can’t physically be with them on Thanksgiving. The turkey holiday is a tradition that shouldn’t be overshadowed by Christmas lights and trees. Before you go out on Black Friday, make sure you spend the night before realizing how lucky you are to be where you are in life instead of dwelling on where you aren’t.

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