Flying for Less

Flying for Less
Posted By :Lindsey Kupfer
Posted At : Wednesday, Nov 10, 2010

Holiday travel can be stressful with constant crowds, expensive tickets and high fees. Although airlines used to give out amazing deals around Black Friday, this year they are cutting back on deals and actually raising prices. According to the Bureau of Transportation, airfare for the second quarter of 2010 has increased by 13 percent compared to prices during that time period the year before.
The best way to save on airfare is by planning ahead. It’s common knowledge that the earlier you book the flight the cheaper it is. So, it’s smart to plan now. Reports are saying not to wait for last-minute deals this year because you won’t see them. Go online and get ready to start the research process. Research is the most important part of travelling on a budget.

Don’t forget to check out all the airlines and compare prices. Discount sites like, and are a great way to find cheaper flights, hotels and even car rentals. If you are staying at a hotel for vacation, make sure to check the hotel and flight packages because they might save you some cash. A great website to check out when booking your ticket is It compares sites like Expedia, Priceline, Orbitz, and more, all in one search.

Take into account all the local airports around you to find the cheapest place to fly in and out of. Some websites suggest looking at airports within 90 miles of your residence. Try and ask a friend to drop you off at the airport. It’s not worth it to drive and park your car overnight for multiple days because the cost adds up fast.

Another way to save some cash is to be flexible with your travel dates. It’s more expensive to fly out on a Friday and come home on a Sunday. If possible, try to leave on a Thursday and come back on Monday. It will cut some of the airfare costs.

Of course there are also little things that you can do to shave off some of the high prices. Try to not check a bag as that easily puts around $25 in your pocket. Also, run to the grocery store and bring your own snacks on the plane instead of buying from the newsstands inside the airport. Also, remember to bring your own pillow now that some airlines charge for them.

There are ways to be cheap about air travel without stressing about the cost. The most important advice is to invest your time into research and compare all prices before making your final purchase.

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