Websites That Save You Money

Websites That Save You Money
Posted By :Elena Difiore, Program Director
Posted At : Monday, May 23, 2011

Nowadays, you can do just about anything on the Internet, including score some great deals!

This is a great idea! is a website that allows users to rent items from individuals living nearby. The idea goes something like this…Say you’re in need of a portable power-generator for next weekend’s big tailgating party, but you can’t afford or don’t want to purchase a new one. Through, you can search for people in your area that may have a generator they’re willing to lend for a small fee (usually a few dollars a day). Once you’re done with the item, you simply return it to its owner. This way, you’re able to get use out of an item without having to make a large investment and purchase something you may only use once or twice.

Ever wish that you could find the cheapest, best deals on everything from credit cards to cell phone services? Of course you do, we all have. Now, you can use Billshrink to do the investigative work for you! When you go to, you’re asked to input information regarding the particular service you’re looking to save money on. You can choose from credit cards, wireless service, television service, gas stations, and savings and CDs. You’re asked several questions concerning your current usage and the amount you are currently paying for the service in question. Then, Billshrink scours the Internet and emails you if a better deal is found.

This site allows anyone the convenience of a personal shopper. Instead of searching the web for hours looking for sites that carry items in your size from your favorite designers and labels, let Shopittome do it for you! The site boasts that it “finds you sales on your favorite brands in your size,” so what’s to lose? All you have to do is input your clothing sizes and your favorite clothing labels or designers. Then, Shopittome searches the Internet for items that match your criteria and email you when they find something.

No more waiting for the Sunday paper to stock up on great coupon deals. Now, all you have to do is surf over to to find the latest savings. Couponsherpa is a coupon-sharing site that compiles print coupons, user-submitted coupons, grocery coupons, and even mobile coupons all in one place. Users vote on the coupons, allowing you to see which are considered the best deal and are most frequently used. This is a great way to save a decent amount of money without investing a ton of effort.

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