No Seasonal Exceptions

No Seasonal Exceptions
Posted By :Elena Difiore
Posted At : Tuesday, Jul 27, 2010

Everyone knows gift giving can be stressful, on both yourself and your wallet. When shopping for gifts, you find yourself having to not only consider who you’re shopping for, but also what type of occasion is being celebrated. This is where the “no seasonal exceptions” rule comes into play. Just because an occasion has a specific theme, such as Valentine’s Day, or falls in the middle of a particular season, such as a birthday in June, doesn’t mean you have to tailor each gift accordingly. If you invest a little time and creativity, there are some great gift options that can apply to any and all occasions while also saving you a few bucks along the way.

One of the best solutions to seasonal gift giving is growing your own at-home gift garden. Plants and herbs are great gifts for any age and any occasion. When planning a gift garden, there are a few things to consider:

When does the gift-giving occasion take place? Scheduling upcoming birthdays, anniversaries, etc., will help you figure out when you need to plant your seeds. Certain plants, such as orchids, only bloom during certain times of the year, while others, like tulips, can pretty much grow year-round.

What are the recipient’s likes/dislikes? If you know ahead of time that your friend enjoys sunflowers, plan accordingly and purchase sunflower seeds to plant in your garden. Growing a gift garden is a great option because you don’t have to limit the type of gifts to just flowers. If you know your neighbor is an avid cook, try planting fresh herbs and spices or even produce, such as tomatoes, for their next birthday or celebration.

How can you make the gifts as personal as possible? One of the biggest concerns about giving a gift from your garden is making sure it reflects all of the TLC you’ve invested in it. A great way to add a personal touch is by planting the seeds in decorative containers. You can choose designs that reflect the recipient’s personality or even decorate the containers yourself once the occasion grows near.

When all is said and done, with a little planning ahead, breaking free from the seasonal gift giving habit can be as easy as planting a seed. So, what are you waiting for? On your mark…get set…GROW!

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