How Does One “Create” Their Day?

How Does One “Create” Their Day?
Posted By :Heather Wagenhals
Posted At : Tuesday, Sep 21, 2010

Today’s Millionaire Nuts And Bolts was “How does one ‘create’ their day?” This was a great topic idea and I came to the conclusion to feature it because of the victimized mentality I keep hearing from people today some attributable to the public sentiment on life and the economy. “Poor me”, “Look what happened to me”, “Bad luck is my middle name” and the list goes on, we can all personally add a few. Contemplating this topic and conversing with the millionaires that I know whom I could do a brief poll all had this answer which became today’s featured Millionaire Focus Strategy™.
While we don’t necessarily have crystal balls, using this strategy regularly will mitigate much of the risk that seems to beset us simply by living consciously and being aware of our day. What is expected of us at every given moment and remembering to make sure we commit to focusing on our higher purpose EVERY DAY. This simple yet powerful strategy will totally change your day every day and after you listen now and implement the technique you are about to learn, you will see after you have listened that this one simple shift will materially change your outcomes and truly unlock your inner potential. Enjoy the strategy right here ! Finally…financial freedom can be yours™!

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