Frugal Holiday Host/Hostess Gifts

Frugal Holiday Host/Hostess Gifts
Posted By : Unlock Your Wealth Staff
Posted At : Monday, Dec 27, 2010

Everyone knows the parties are the best part of the holiday season. You get to dress up and socialize with coworkers, friends and family. However, while everyone is excited for the party, the hostess is frantically trying to put up the decorations, cook the food and get everything ready for the night. It is important to show thanks by bringing the hostess a thank you gift. Here are five great ideas for hostess gifts.

Holiday Coffee Package

Put together a coffee care package for the hostess. Run to your local Starbucks and pick up some of their holiday coffee blend. Add in a gift card with the amount of your choice or grab a cute holiday themed mug or travelling cup. You can make a small coffee package that won’t cost that much money and the host will love it.

Help with Food

One of the best things you can do for your hostess is offer to bring some food or wine. Call her and ask what you can do to help. There is never too much food or alcohol at a party. This is not only a great way to save your cash, but also shows that you care enough to call. If your host is being stubborn and says not to bring anything, you can still bring a bottle of wine as a gift. Another great food gift is a bag of candy or chocolate from Harry and David. The brand is classy, but you can look at all sorts of snacks that are under $20. Visit to find a store near you or shop online.

Picture Frames

People love pictures, but because of the Internet, not many people go out to buy frames as often as they used to. Frames are cheap and personal. Depending on your relationship with the host you can even grab a picture of you two and make it even more meaningful.


A great thing that you can get for your hostess is a planner. There’s a good chance that she hasn’t bought a planner for the upcoming year and it’s something that most people will use. Since it is a holiday party, it’s good timing for the gift. The best part about this is that it’s affordable. You can find great planners almost anywhere from Target to Staples to Walmart.

Kitchen Supplies

Like alcohol and food, someone can never have enough kitchen supplies. Holiday themed dishes or even a holiday cookbook are perfect for the occasion. The nice thing is that a great gift doesn’t have to be directed toward the holiday. Some good cooking utensils are great too. You can find kitchen supplies everywhere too, so you won’t have a hard time finding the best price.

There are tons of great things you can buy a hostess without spending a ton of money. There are many things that can look expensive and great, but are actually cheaper than they look. Get creative with your gift this year and don’t stress over what other people are bringing. You will have a blast at the party without spending too much.

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