Budget Birthday Gifts

Budget Birthday Gifts
Posted By :Elena Difiore
Posted At : Tuesday, Jul 27, 2010

We’ve all been there before…your best friend’s birthday is just around the corner and, while your head is full of great gift ideas, your checking account is emptier than a banker’s heart. No need to panic, here are some great gift ideas you can try that are sure to put a smile on someone’s face without completely depleting your savings.

Cookies in a jar: This is a clever idea that will please any sweet tooth. First, find a large (and clean) glass mason jar. Next, choose a cookie recipe you want to use. After that, fill the jar with the dry contents of the cookie mix (Hint: layering each ingredient on top of one another makes for a much more visually-appealing presentation than simply mixing up all of the ingredients). Once this is completed, print out or write up the original recipe with the remaining ingredients that need to be added. Last but not least, add your choice of decorations to personalize the gift even more.

Customized Wall Clock: Everyone loves having something that no one else has; a true one-of-a-kind. That’s where this gift fits perfectly. First, you need to find a large wall clock with a wide border surrounding the face of the clock–you can usually find these for under $10 at your local discount store, such as Goodwill or even Ross. The wider the border, the better, because that is the area you are going to be decorating. Next, decorate the border with something that reflects the recipient’s interest. For guys, try using their favorite comic strip or even logos from their favorite sports teams. For girls, try smashing up different colored glass bottles and gluing the glass onto the border to create a cool mosaic effect. With a project like this, the possibilities are endless.

Miniature Movie: Similar to the wall clock, the quality of this gift idea depends on how much time and effort you put into it. If you’re making this gift for a friend, start off by collecting as many photos of the two of you together as you can find. Upload or scan the photos onto your computer. If you’re feeling even more ambitious, you can use the video mode on your digital camera to record short video interviews with the recipient’s friends or family members. The interviews can be a collection of birthday wishes for the recipient, or even funny stories or experiences he or she has shared with loved ones. Next, combine all of the pictures and video interviews into one cohesive movie using software such as Windows Movie Maker, which is fun to use and very user-friendly. Spice things up by adding a fun soundtrack composed of your friend’s favorite music or songs that have a special meaning between the two of you. Finally, burn the movie onto a DVD and surprise your friend by playing it at their birthday party.

Any of these ideas would be great birthday gifts for that special someone in your life. Not only will they save you money, but the time and effort you put into them will show how much you truly care. It really is the thought that counts, so put away the credit card and embrace your creativity.

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