Forgiveness: A 4-Step Strategy for Letting Go

Forgiveness: A 4-Step Strategy for Letting Go
Posted By :Heather Wagenhals
Posted At : Saturday, Mar 12, 2011

What a great Millionaire Mind Focus™ for today’s Millionaire Nuts and Bolts from Unlock Your Wealth Radio and it fits in with our “Forget the Perfection Principle” from Last week’s Key in the Keys To Riches™ Financial Wellness Series. Millionaires are able to forgive and move forward while still retaining the lessons learned from the objectionable person, act or event. One thing millionaires and the wealthy know about life’s big secret is that life happens. Life happens to us, for us, around us and the occasional against us. Millionaires know the secret power of the Universe as an energy field and as electrical beings in that energy field, in order to keep growing personally, professionally, and yes…attract and keep the money flowing financially; we must keep our energy fields balanced and free from obstruction. Any blockage of energy and we will not be able to give and receive appropriately.
When we harbor resentment, anger, hostility and negative feelings toward someone or something, it is stored in our body somewhere, creating a block of our energy field. Today’s Millionaire Mind Focus™ on Millionaire Nuts and Bolts from Unlock Your Wealth Radio is about being able to forgive without forgetting, letting go of the negativity for ourselves, not to approve of, condone or demonstrate a weakness for the act perpetrated against us, rather to let go of the emotion associated with that act or event so that abundance and wealth can again flow freely towards us.

Forgiveness is a selfish act, just for ourselves, to release us from the emotion of the perpetrator or the violating act or event. Millionaires know inherently that forgiveness is just a simple release of the emotional tie to the event itself. The wealthy are able to separate the emotion from the offending act. Millionaires know what Don Miguel Ruiz writes about in the bestselling book The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom (A Toltec Wisdom Book), Don’t Take Things Personally. Do that up front, and you are less likely to have to forgive yourself or someone else for their inequities or transgressions. In the event you haven’t committed to not taking things personally and done that step yet we have devised a 4 step strategy for forgiveness on today’s Millionaire Nuts and Bolts from Unlock You Wealth Radio to clear out that wasted emotion from our energy fields.

This lifetime is about us, not about what we have specifically, rather what we DO with what we have and how we can affect the lives of others with that abundance. So, are you going to let some silly person or event press your ego so much that you are willing to give up your higher purpose? Which is to accumulate massive amounts of wealth so you can help more people do more things and leave a lasting mark on this planet long after you are gone? I don’t think so. Now that it is put in that way, forgiveness seems much easier, doesn’t it? Yep, I thought so. And the best part of all is, since the forgiveness is for you, you only have to make your declaration and release of that energy to the Universe. If you are really worried that you might somehow be perceived as weak, or approving of the objectionable act or event, just go through the forgiveness process by yourself, FOR yourself. It never actually has to be addressed with the offending party, unless it is you, then you will have to deal with you, but otherwise, it is just between you and the Universe. How great is that? Rise above and clear yourself of that garbage with our 4step forgiveness strategy and you are well on your way to regain what the Universe has to give you and you too can Start Your Day like so many others who listen, the Millionaire Way™.

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